Our team is composed exclusively of senior industry figures. All of our partners have spent several years building successful advertising and market research agencies specialising in healthcare and working in regional HQs of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, before joining Brand Sight International.

Above all, we are a team of skilled and experienced facilitators, conducting over ten thousand hours of workshops every year with commercial and medical teams from global, regional and local teams in the pharma industry.

Peter Cunningham, Founding Partner

  • Peter is a founding partner of Brand Sight International
  • Professional facilitator with 15 years experience of running international workshops for top 20 pharma companies
  • Worked with both global and country level commercial and medical teams
  • Working with teams to formulate strategy which can and will be implemented within different corporate and country cultural contexts
Peter Cunningham

Jonathan Hoare, Founding Partner

  • Jonathan is a founding partner of Brand Sight International
  • Over 20 years of consumer branding experience with 8 years in Healthcare marketing
  • Successfully launched 3 agencies and bought/merged several others
  • Believes passionately that healthcare is in a crucial phase of transition from “professional medical product” to “patient-centric healthcare brand” and that dynamic external AND internal communication are the key to success

Barbara Troup, Senior Partner

  • Barbara is a results and commercially driven, strategy focused partner with a track record of 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector
  • She has a broad understanding in several therapeutic areas in primary care, speciality care and rare diseases gained in various international strategic and operational leadership roles at Actelion, Roche and Abbott
  • Barbara has in-depth expertise in developing global brand, franchise and organizational strategies paired with leading international brand teams, as well as local marketing and sales organisations
  • Certified in business coaching and systemic team development, she strongly believes that a clear purpose and belief are key drivers for human and subsequently brand performance
Barbara Troop