“Your experience and expertise in Oncology/Haematology was instrumental to creatively and constructively facilitate our strategic thinking. With your support we were able to successfully refine our strategy to become a truly competitive global brand and to defend our position as one of the most successful brands in this therapeutic area. “

Global Business Unit Leader

“In rare diseases we often think and communicate purely scientifically. With the support of BSI we were able to turn our product into a true global brand which puts the patient in the centre of our perspective“

Commercial Leader Western Europe

“…very useful, inspiring and very well-tailored to our current situation. The emotional selling based on the patient-centric approach balanced of course with a more scientific approach is exactly what our Sales Force needs in order to face the delicate competitive environment.“

Marketing Manager

“…very positive feedback also from our Field Trainers, who especially liked the creative thinking process and the interactive blended mix between presentations and workshop. Our participants from Sales were very interested in finding the right emotional hooks and in the humanisation of patient profiles. “

Marketing Manager

“The detailed analysis of the feedback collected during the interviews and the way it was consolidated to input discussions in the workshop led to concrete recommendations and action items, which was of great help. In addition, I am sure the results of the workshop will further inform some adjustments and concrete initiatives of the Strategical and Tactical Plan. It has been a great pleasure for me and my team to work with BSI on several projects over the last 2 years.”

International Medical Director